Biodiversity Museum

About This Project


With internationally recognized coral reefs, clear warm coastal waters, outstanding desert landscapes, sites of cultural and religious importance and near permanent sunshine, it is clear the wealth of Sinai Peninsula lies in its natural environment. This environment, coupled with its proximity resources to tourism development that the region is currently experiencing. National Parks in Sinai, frequently referred to as protected areas, are for the most part a relatively new, but rapidly growing development. Some of Sinai national parks are very remote and receive very few visitors, while others, such as that of St. Catherine’s, receive many tourists who may not even know that they have visited one of Egypt’s national parks.


In order to increase the environmental awareness of these parks, Shaboury & Associates was assigned to carry out the conceptual writing and the design of a permanent exhibition that can offer a friendly edutainment environment. The museum visitors can explore the diversity of Sinai protected areas and natural parks through a trip in a three dimensional built environment (Diorama) simulating the biodiversity of these regions through the representation of different habitats, vegetation, animal species, and natural environment of the seven protected areas of Sinai including a real scale Diorama of the marine habitats in Ras Mohamed protected Area.




Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt


Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs