President Sadat Museum

About This Project


The SADAT Museum is a permanent exhibition located at the Library of Alexandria in Egypt. The museum makes part of a comprehensive project launched by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina that aims at documenting the life of late Egyptian President Mohamed Anwar El-SADAT, the hero of war and peace, and the man considered one of the greatest leaders and politicians of the modern history.


Shaboury & Associates carried out the development of the project by creating an exhibition atmosphere that transforms the simple personal belongings of an extraordinary man through a fine prepared museum scenario, into a narration instrument that presents in a dramatic way an important era of the history of the Egyptian Nation.

In order to create a museum as perfect as could be, Shaboury & Associates team worked hard to collect thousands of rare photographs, documents, documentary films as well as other rare unpublished material related to President Sadat. The project team has cooperated also with several other partners such as the Sadat family, the family of his Private Secretary, Egypt State Information Service, newspapers, publishing houses in addition to the News Sector in the Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU).




Alexandria, Egypt


Bibliotheca Alexandrina