Coptic Museum

About This Project


The Coptic museum was founded in 1910 in the old part of the Cairo known as “Old Cairo” best known and most frequently visited because of the presence of the oldest Egyptian Christian churches. The museum was completely restructured and renovated in 2006.


The restoration and renovation project was assigned to Shaboury & Associates. A totally new concept was developed in the renovation project. Great attention was paid for the value of the building itself, the lights and wall colors. A new lighting system balancing between the natural and artificial light was designed considering both conservation and display aspects.

The museum’s two wings were finally connected through an added link (bridge) located in the first level and used as an exhibition space, permitting a one-way visit through all the 26 halls with no interruption. Security and handicapped equipment were taken into consideration by providing advanced security and control systems, emergency exits and handicapped equipment including elevators, ramps and pathways for wheel chairs.




Cairo, Egypt


Supreme Council of Antiquities